State Of The Art Security:
Each door is individually alarmed, a unique key code assigned at signing of lease provides entry to gated facility. Our system provides for a complete log in and out register maintained on site.  An alarm system will alert us to tampered doors.

Insulated Ceilings & Vaper Barriers:
These features provide more than adequate protection for most storage clients.  Changes in temperature are reduced by ceiling insulation, and the vapor barrier eliminates condensation from weather.

Tamper Resistant Locks:
Providing our clients added assurance, our locks cannot be cut off.  Two keys and the lock are provided for a minimal deposit upon rental.  Your own lock (padlock) can be installed if you desire.

Propane Tanks Filled:
Take home what you pay for, we charge per gallon not per fill.  Don't pay extra for an exchange - you pay only for what it is put in your tank!  Minimum charge is $10.00 & tax.

Friendly & Professional On Site Managers:
Our friendly management team is happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have.  The staff lives on site and are readily available.